announcement : 15 October 2009
Type : Announcement
Subject : Unusual Market Activity
content :

The letter from Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad dated 15 October 2009 in relation to the sharp increase in the Company's share price recently refers.

Save for the announcements in relation to the Proposed Private Placement dated 5 October 2009, 8 October 2009 and 12 October 2009 respectively, the Board of Directors of Three-A Resources Berhad ("3A"), after having made due enquiry with the Directors and Major Shareholders, wish to advise that, to the best of their knowledge and belief, they are not aware of any of the following that may have contributed to the unusual market activity:-

  • any corporate development relating to 3A's business and affairs that has not been previously announced that may account for the unusual market activity, including those in the stage of negotiation / discussion.
  • any rumour or report concerning the business and affairs of 3A that may account for the unusual market activity;
  • any other possible explanation to account for the unusual market activity; and
  • any material information that requires immediate disclosure in accordance with Paragraph 9.03 of the Main LR.

This announcement is dated 15 October 2009.


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