Immediate Announcement on Shares Buy Back


Information Compiled By KLSE
Date of buy back : 19 Mar 2020
Description of shares purchased : Ordinary Shares
Currency : Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
Total number of shares purchased (units) : 200,000
Minimum price paid for each share purchased ($$) : 0.535
Maximum price paid for each share purchased ($$) : 0.590
Total consideration paid ($$) : 116,570.26
Number of shares purchased retained in treasury (units) : 200,000
Number of shares purchased which are proposed to be cancelled (units) : 0
Cumulative net outstanding treasury shares as at to-date (units) : 200,000
Adjusted issued capital after cancellation (no. of shares) (units) : 492,000,010
Total number of shares purchased and/or held as treasury shares against total number of issued shares of the listed issuer (%) : 0.04065

Remarks :
Total number of issued shares is 492,000,010 ordinary shares. The Company has not cancelled any treasury shares.

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